Our Founder

Kelley Swing

After suffering from a long list of health problems stemming from a decade of corporate salon management, Kelley was struck by the lack of salons practicing sustainable beauty in Texas. Upon this revelation in 2016, Head Case was born as was the desire to share her newfound knowledge: that sustainable beauty is not only possible, but that creating a healthy work environment where salon professionals are encouraged to grow both personally and professionally is a must. Early frustrations with salon distribution companies lead her to launching a sustainable-based distribution company, Innovative Beauty Distributers, in 2017. Kelley believes as a salon owner, her responsibility is to her team who have trusted their lives and families to her care. Her passion grew to serving her fellow salon owners with the support that she craved, all while sharing her knowledge in hopes to create a sustainable future for us all.



About Us

Here at Innovative Beauty Distributors we strive to introduce and educate salons and salon staff on how to be greener in their day to day operations. We provide a range of salon products that are not only good for you and your clients but also for the environment. No more chemical smells in your salon, just clean fresh air. All Natulique products are green, organic, and recyclable.



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