BALANCE Sparkling Shine

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The NATULIQUE BALANCE Sparkling Shine delivers:
• soft highlights
• instant illumination
• authentic sun-kissed effect

The secret is that it creates a “balance blend”-lift of up to one tone on natural, NATULIQUE lightened or NATULIQUE coloured hair. Can be offered as a final service to secure a soft, harmonic and shining end-result for the client, who will be able to leave the salon with a, by all means, even softer result and thereby happier clients.

The BALANCE Sparkling Shine lightens natural hair colour by reducing and neutralising the natural pigments of the hair and thereby changing the colour to a lighter colour with more reflections. And just like the sun, it does this without adding or depositing any form of pigment.

Application Process

1: Before starting, determine the natural base level. Should only be applied on levels 3 to 10

2: Choose your NATULIQUE Activator:
1.5% (5 vol) gives all over gloss with no shift of base
3% (10 vol) gives the hair shine and slightly clarifies the colour
6% (20 vol) light up 1 tone
9% (30 vol) light up 1 to 2 tone

3: Mix 1:1

4: Apply on dry hair

5: Process 5-60 minutes until the desired result is reached.


– The BALANCE Sparkling Shine lightens the hair with a natural effect different from the Whitener as it neutralises pigments rather than removing.
– Depending on the quality and colour of the hair, the effect will be more intense.
– The effect on hair with ammonia colour history will be less significant. This can be solved by using a higher percentage of activator.
– The effect on hair with a NATULIQUE colour history will give a nice sun-kissed effect.
– On natural (virgin) hair, BALANCE Sparkling shine will give a slightly more intensive effect.
– BALANCE Sparking Shine does not deposit any form of pigments.

Usage Examples:

Colour Mix: BALANCE Sparkling Shine + 6% (20 vol)
mixed 1:1, 20-30 minutes.
– Colour Height: 4 (NATULIQUE History) Result: 5.0
– Colour Height: 4 (Virgin Hair) Result: 5.0
– Colour Height: 4 (Ammonia History) Use 9% Result: 5.0
– Colour Height: 6.4 (NATULIQUE History) Result: 7.4
– Colour Height: 6.4 (Ammonia History) Use 9% Result: 7.3
1.5% and 3% enhance shine and brightens the colour slightly.