Restores moisture to damage hair while reducing the frizz and nurturing the cuticle. Aids the hair to regain shine and restore the natural health.

Why use a keratin conditioner?

Keratin conditioner is a partner of your keratin shampoo. It will help improve your hair’s health by restoring its elasticity and strength. Keratin conditioner helps make hair more manageable and damage-resistant. You need keratin conditioner if your hair is damaged by the environment or by chemical processes like coloring, perming and the use of heated styling aids like irons and hair dryers.

Not all keratin conditioners work the same way. It depends on the formulation, how it is used and the extent of hair damage.

Cliove Keratin Conditioner

Cliove Keratin Conditioner is infused with nature’s best sources of nutrients – Olive Oil, Argan Oil and Coconut Oil to make your hair healthy, shiny and full of moisture once gain. It’s free from parabens, sulfates and formaldehyde. It keeps the hair cuticles smooth and improves your hair’s strength and elasticity.

With its 100% certified organic oils, Cliove Keratin Conditioner helps repair even hair that it already damaged. It helps reduce frizz, making your hair very easy to style and manage. Cliove Keratin Conditioner’s light formulation seals in moisture while leaving your hair light, alive and glowing with health.


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