DOUCE Silver (75 ml.)

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Always use suitable gloves before preparing and/or applying NATULIQUE Douce Hair Colours.
Apply to dry and unwashed hair. The more blond foundation where applied, the more visible and intense the result. NATULIQUE Douce Hair Colours can be mixed with any other NATULIQUE Douce Hair Colour, but NOT with NATULIQUE Permanent Natural Hair Colours or NATULIQUE Natural MIX Colours. Mixing ratio is 1:2. (e.g. 20 g NATULIQUE Douce Hair Colour cream requires 40 g NATULIQUE Natural Colours Activator). ONLY use NATULIQUE Natural Colours 3% Activator VOLUME 10 for all NATULIQUE Douce Hair Colours.


Apply and leave in hair for between 5-20 min. The length of exposure depends on the intensity of the result required. A short process time ensures a lighter and less intense result, while a longer process times ensures a darker and more intense result. Do not exceed process times above 20 min. After colouring, rinse thoroughly with luke warm water.